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Meiji EMZ-5TR Stereo Zoom Trinocular Microscope + Long Reach Articulated Arm + Desk Base A20-50


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Meiji EMZ-5TR Japanese build Trinocular Stereo Zoom microscope + Long Reach Articulated Arm with Desk Base A20-50

The EMZ-5TR stereo microscope offers a 0.7x to 4.5x zoom range.

This model includes SWF10x eyepieces, eyecups and dust cover.

High quality Japanese build providing a crisp high resolution image in 3D.

Suitable for almost every task including entomology, PCB repairs, research, university teaching, industrial inspection and any dissection work. 

Package includes a precision 84mm focus ring (Model 4673) and a long reach articulated arm with desk base (Model A20-50)

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Additional information

Weight 19 kg

Meiji Techno

Head type




Model Series


Stand type

Articulated Arm

Area Of Interest

Entomology, Materials & Industrial Inspection



The Meiji Techno EMZ -5 Stereo microscope range is packed full of useful features 

Modular Flexibility 


The EM series microscopes are the most rugged microscopes from Japan and tailored to fit the needs of each and every customer. Modular design enables the user to engineer their own custom solution for virtually any application, selecting components from the widest range of bodies, stands, eyepieces, supplementary lenses, illuminators, camera adapters, and accessory components available in the microscope industry today

Superb Optics


The EMZ series microscopes feature multi-coated optical components, free from chromatic and spherical aberration. This provides  crystal-clear, high resolution images. The Greenough optical design provides superior erect, unreversed, stereoscopic images, rich in contrast, brightness and in their original colours. Excellent depth of field and a flat image rendition are also characteristic of the EM Series microscopes

Rugged Dependability 


All-metal aluminium alloy microscope bodies and components with chemical resistant finishes guarantee stability and rugged dependability for a lifetime of day-in and day-out use. Superior craftsmanship, quality components and materials result in long-lasting, high-performance products.

Ergonomic Design  


All EMZ series microscope bodies feature a compact lightweight design. Every stereo body features adjustable diopter tubes and interpupillary distance. Observation tubes are inclined at 45°, 60° or 90° for convenient fatigue free viewing depending on the application. A range of fixed of tilting focus blocks are available to mount the microscope body onto existing O.E.M. equipment. A choice of Zoom, Turret or Fixed magnification bodies with various working distances, optional auxiliary objectives and eyepieces, multiple adjustable stands, versatile illumination systems, and auxiliary components allow the end user to design a system to fulfil their specific requirements.


Specifications Meiji Techno EMZ-5TR

Body :                         Trinocular, rotatable 360 degrees

Zoom Ratio  :              6.5 : 1

Zoom Range :             0.7x to 4.5x

Zoom Control :            Dual, graduated, bilateral mount

Eyepieces :                 SWF10X

Magnification : :           7x to 45x (with 10x eyepieces)

Field of View :             32mm to 5.1mm (with 10x eyepieces)

Working distance :       93mm

Eyetube inclination :    45 degrees

Adjustments :               Interpupilliary distance adjustment : 54mm to 75mm, Dioptric adjustment : Dual ( plus or minus 5 diopters)

Stands :                       See the wide range of stand options available

Accessories :               Comprehensive range available

Focus Ring 4673 Details 

Model 473 is a high precision 84mm focus ring manufactured from cast aluminium. It is designed for use with a standard 25mm pole stand or arbour. It features precision rotary focussing controls and a locking clamp at the rear.

Long Reach, Articulated Boom Arm Stand with Desk Base A20-50 Details 

This is how it works and how it is assembled:

  • The vertical pole is screwed into the U-Shaped Desk Base
  • The height locking collar is mounted onto the vertical pole
  • The articulated arm support assembly is mounted onto the vertical pole
  • The articulated arm is inserted into the socket of the articulated arm support assembly
  • An ‘end arbour’ pole is inserted into the ‘E-Arm’ socket at the end of the articulated arm and locked into position.
  • A microscope holder or camera/lens holder is mounted onto the end-arbour
  • The microscope head is placed into the microscope holder or a camera/lens system is attached to the camera/lens holder
  • The ‘end’ arbour’ can be tilted to the desired angle and locked into position.
  • The articulated boom arm can be extended, turned and height adjusted to the desired length and clamped
  • The  articulated arm and articulated arm support assembly can be moved up the vertical pillar to the desired height and locked into position
  • The height locking collar is clamped into position under the boom arm support assembly to prevent any downward movement
  • The microscope/lens can be focussed using the focus knob on the microscope holder.
  • Optional ringlights or gooseneck illuminators can be added.

Key Features:

  • High quality build and design
  • Very long reach
  • ​Spring-Loaded height adjustment
  • 3 Articulation points
  • Extremely stable even at maximum extension
  • Fully adjustable height and reach
  • Rotable arm
  • Rotatable and tiltable microscope holder options
  • Numerous clampable positioning components
  • Choice of optional ‘end arbour’ diameters
  • Large choice of optional microscope holders and camera /lens holders
  • Unique, lightweight U-shape desk base
  • Unobstructed bench area
  • Optional Table G-Clamp
  • Optional Boom Arm


  • Vertical Pillar height: 42.5cm (49 cm including the base)
  • Articulated Arm Maximum length: 85cm (99.5cm with typical microscope holder attached)
  • Vertical Pillar diameter: 31.5mm
  • 3 Articulation Points
  • Articulated Arm Spring-Loaded Height Adjustment Range: 49cm
  • E-Arm Socket at end of Articul;ated Arm, Socket diameter 15.9mm (takes any end arbour holder with an E-Arm)
  • At least 4Kg load on microscope holder

​Options for the end of the stand: SEE ALSO ACCESSORIES LISTED AT END

Optional End Arbours

An ‘End Arbour’ is a high grade steel pole onto which microscope holders (also known as focussing rings) and other devices can be attached.  They are hinged at the top with a clamp so the angle of the arbour and therefore the attached holder can be adjusted.  At the bottom the have a knurled cap which screws into the end, it is removed so that holders can be slid onto the arbour and it is then replaced to prevent any possibility of the holder from sliding off.  At the top they have an ‘E-Arm’ which is a special 5/8th inch diameter spigot (with a recessed clamping section).  This inserts into the end of the Boom Arm (or Articulated Arm) and is firmly clamped into place.  End arbours are available in different diameters, the most common is 25mm and this must match the hole in the microscope holder.

  • AV60-25   25mm diameter
  • AV60-32   32mm diameter

Optional Microscope Holders

25mm Diameter Arbour Mounted Microscope Holders:

  • 7247: 76mm Diam.
  • 4673: 84mm Diam.
  • AVH39: 39mm Diam.

E-Arm Microscope Holders (no End Arbour required) – these give less flexibility compared to arbour mounted microscope holders:

  • AVH76E: 76mm Diam.
  • AVH84E: 84mm Diam.
  • AVH39E: 39mm Diam

E-Arm Track Mounted Microscope Holders – the advantage of these is thatyou have a long focus range without having to reposition the height of the horizontal pole:

  • AVH76TE: 76mm Diam.
  • AVH84TE: 84mm Diam.
  • AVH39TE: 39mm Diam.

E-Arm Camera/Lens Holders with 1/4in. Tripod Mount – these screw directly into camera/lens systems that have a tripod mount socket:

  • AV-TM-E: Tripod Mount (left)
  • AV-TM-NE: Tripod Mount N-Type (third from left)
  • AV-TM-TNE: Tripod Mount Track N-Type (right)

Alternative Boom Arm (and support asembly):


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